Kristi Fitzwater

Kristi's songs can be found on the top Southern Gospel recordings and the charts.  She was awarded the 2019 Traditional Song Of The Year at the Absolutely Gospel Music Awards for her co-written song "Sing In The Valley" recorded by The Perrys.  Kristi is also one of the writers of the #1 song "Amazing Amounts Of Amazing Grace" recorded by the Down East Boys which reached the top of both the Singing News and SGN Scoops charts in 2020.  In September of 2018, Kristi was a featured songwriter on The Gospel Greats national radio program hosted by Paul Heil.  She is currently a staff writer for Chris White Music, BMI.  

Newly Released Radio Singles:

"To Save My Life" recorded by The Carolina Boys Quartet

"The Storm Before The Calm" recorded by Heart 2 Heart

"Long Time Comin'" recorded by 2nd Chance Ministries

Newly Released Streaming Single:

"The Winds And Waves Still Know: The Kingsmen


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