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Songwriting friends, have you ever considered self-publishing? 


It seems overwhelming, doesn’t it? It did to me, too.
But I learned how to do it.

I’ve been there and now I’m going to help you, so you don’t have to do it all yourself.


Here are some questions I had when I began:
What’s a mechanical license?
How do I create a mechanical license?
How can I issue a mechanical license?
Where do I register my songs?
How do I register my songs?
Where do I pitch my songs?
How can I know when artists are looking for songs?
How do I handle songs on hold?
How do I collect royalties?

I quickly learned there are two hats critical to self-publishing:  the songwriter and the business owner.  Both are important.  Wanna get started?

Here’s How

You and I are going to work 1 on 1 as you learn self-publishing step-by-step. 

Four sessions will be tailored specifically for you.

I'm going to take the mystery out of the publishing process so you can feel confident.    

How much?

I’m offering this for $247. 




You are going to save so much time because you don’t have to research all this the hard way (the way I did).


The cost is less than what many pay for just one full demo.


You’re going to know the language publishers use, and you won’t be intimidated by the “business” part of the music business. 


This is an investment in your songwriting career for knowledge you will have for a lifetime. 

Next step?

 Sign up below.  No payment required at sign up.  An email will follow with payment and scheduling details.  No set start date.  These are being offered on an on-going basis, so you can begin the moment you want to... today, next month or the following.  Let me know if you have any questions.  

It's time for you to Thrive Unsigned. 

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