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Registration begins March 12, 2024

Sessions begin in April 2024 

Hey songwriter, might this be you?  You love writing songs, but...

  • You’re UNCERTAIN of what to do with your publishing
  • You face the UNKNOWN of the business side of things
  • You're finding it hard to survive as a songwriter UNSIGNED 

That was me.  Been there... but I didn't stay there, and you don't have to either.  I've lived on both sides of the fence, signed and unsigned.  I know the struggles unsigned songwriters face, but I know the blessings as well.  I've self-published and co-published charting songs, even a #1 song in 2020.  


Don’t underestimate what you are capable of.  I can help you...

  • UNCOVER how to publish your own songs
  • UNRAVEL how to issue Mechanical Licenses, Collect your Royalties, Organize & Pitch Songs
  • UNLOCK how to thrive UNSIGNED

I will personally walk you through the process.  We will meet (on-line or by phone) for 4 one-on-one sessions.  This investment is less than what many songwriters pay for just one demo ($247) and they still don’t know what to do with their song.  

Interested?  Sign up for UNSIGNED (below) for more information with no financial obligation until you are ready move forward.  Got questions?  Send me an email, or if you'd like a free 15-minute phone call to see if this program is a good fit for you, let me know that too.

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